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Bright prospect for the Philippines chemical industry, one of the primary advantages on investing in the Philippines is its young population with a median age of 23 and a population of 100 million...More
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In the near-term, Philippines economic growth is likely to remain strong and the GDP growth accelerated from 5.9% in 2015 to 6.8% in 2016, will temper slightly to 6.4 percent in 2017. .. More
The Philippines is the world largest producer of coconuts producing 19,500,000 tons in 2009. Coconut production in the Philippines is generally concentrated in medium-sized farms. The Philippines is also the world largest producer of pineapples, producing 2,458,420 million metric tons in 2013.
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 ChemExpo Philippines 2019 

 Aug,2019 | Manila World Trade Center  |  Philippines

Chemical materials, fine chemicals, pesticide, fertilizer, crop-protection& agricultural biological   engineering tech, tire, rubber & plastic, food ingredients, medical raw materials & Pharmaceutical, dye, coating, chemical equipment, rubber & plastic equipment and agriculture machine.


AgroChem Philippines 2019   

Aug, 2019  |  Manila World Trade Center  |  Philippines

Pesticides: products of insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, intermediates; 
Fertilizer:  nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, compound fertilizer; new specialized fertilizers like seaweed fertilizer; biological fertilizer
Crop-protection and Agrochemical Bio-engineering Technology:plant growing regulator; transgenic product and other agricultural bio-engineering technology
Agrochemical Machinery and Horticultural Specialized Machine and Equipment :equipment for agrochemical products, spraying machine, agricultural plastic, farming machine; horticultural grass mown, sprinkler machine, irrigating equipment and the relative package equipment


PharmChem 2019 Philippines  

Aug, 2019 | Manila World Trade Center, Philippines

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients,Bio Products,,Consumables,Contract Packing,Custom Manufacturing,Excipients And Drug Formulation,Fine Chemicals,Intermediates,Labelling,Biochemical / Analytical Instruments,Cleaning SystemLaboratory Equipment / Supplies,Natural Extracts,Fluid Equipment,Outsourcing Contract, Custom Service, Consultation,Parts And Components,,Water Treatment Equipment For Pharmaceutical Use


DyeChem Philippines 2018 

Aug, 2018 | Manila World Trade Center | Philippines

All kinds of dyestuff and pigment: disperse dye, acid dye, reactive dye, basic dye, direct dye, vat dye, Sulphur Dye, Indigo blue, sulfureted black, organic pigment, printing plasm, color dyestuff, etc;

Various Dye intermediates; 

Textile, Dyeing and Finishing Auxiliary: dye dispersed/ water treatment/ preparative treatment/ printing treatment/ printing behind treatment/ treatment and machining auxiliary, inorganic pigments and ore stuff, organic impregnant, surface active impregnant, printing auxiliary, environmental and functional style auxiliary, etc; 

Other Auxiliary : Chemical fiber monomer, activator, chemical fiber oil auxiliary, supple auxiliary, bond, finishing auxiliary and other chemicals; 

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