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News&Updates » The Philippines pesticides amand in 2016 estimated at $200 million

The Philippines has almost no pesticide technical production, mainly need import technical or formulations to meet the domestic demand. The Philippines pesticides amand in 2016 estimated at $200 million and insecticides accounted for more than 50% importing technical, else are herbcide and fungicide, more than 150 enterprises had the registration of pesticides, and more than 160 dealers. Pesticides are mainly used in rice, corn, vegetables, fruits and plantation crop (e.g., mango, banana and pineapple), large percent quantities of pesticides  are used in rice production, accounting for 33% of the total consumption of pesticides.

The use of pesticides in Philippine agriculture continues to increase despite the adoption and promotion of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. Insecticides constitute approximately 55%, fungicides 22% and herbicide 16% of the pesticides used in the country for rice, corn, vegetables and plantation crops. 

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