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The Philippines in the chemical Global Value Chain


The prospect are bright for the Philippines chemical industry, one of the primary advantages on investing in the Philippines is its young population with a median age of 23 and a population of 100 million, the demographic characteristics of the Philippines point to a large domestic market, provides a promising market base for pharmaceutical, personal care, cleaning substances, coating and other chemical business. Participating companies see Philippines as a significant market, with great growth potential are seek new business opportunities..


The geographic relocation of the global chemicals industry towards the Asia-pacific region combined with a continuous growth provides numerous opportunities for countries in the region such as the Philippines to enter and /or upgrade in the industry global value chain (GVC). The lack of raw materials and infrastructure, in particular constrains the Philippines entry into the higher value petrochemicals operations of this chain while logistics and costs constrain access to the lower value inorganic commodity operations.


The Philippines chemicals industry aims to engage in transforming the nation’s basic resources that serve domestic as well as global market needs with the best customer value. It is committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best sustainability and responsible care principles, by improving products and process growth and thus contributes to the nation’s inclusive growth and socio-economic development.


CHEMEXPO PHILIPPINES 2019—will take place in Manila for the Chemical Industry, renowned in particular for Organic and Fine Chemicals, active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients, Drug Intermediates, Dyes & Pigment, Surfactants, Cosmetic Chemicals, Agrochemicals, Olechemicals, Laboratory Chemicals, Packaging and a host of Chemicals (Water Treatment Chemicals, Coating Additives, Catalysts, Enzymes…)


Various Global Player as well as small-medium enterprises are based in the Philippines. Highly successful research partnerships between companies and a research institutes are a growth engines for a prospering business environment in and around the Manila, is well connected to numerous international destinations, as an excellent venue to Asia audience.



1.       The 3rd largest manufacturing sub-sector with revenues reaching PHP 330 billion in 2009

2.       The combines chemical imports and the domestics production of the chemical industry is approximately US$14 billion, equivalent to 6.7% of Philippines GDP.

3.       Rapid growing chemical trade imports growing 13% per annum and exports at 17% per annum.

4.       There are more than 1,400 registered chemical manufacturing firms employing 100,000 personnel directly. Domestic production of chemicals, agrochemical products, plastic and rubber products have been growing an average of 7% per annum in terms of revenues.

5.       There are 32,000 chemical professionals and over 300,000 engineering students enrolled every year. There are 33 universities and colleges offering chemistry education in the Philippines with 60,000 graduates. The Philippines chemical industry consists of Two major industries under the manufacturing sector, Chemical and Chemical Products, 2. Rubber and plastics products.


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